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Why SmartAssistant?

Gone are the days of scanning through hundreds of resumes. SmartAssistant instantly screens new and existing resumes at light speed and surfaces matching candidates.

Automatically Screen Resumes

Ease the pressure of increased application volume by surfacing top talent in an instant.

screen resumes automatically

Discover Amazing Talent In Your Own Backyard

Automatically match the best talent in your database of current and past candidate profiles with open roles.


Make Smarter, Objective Selection Decisions

Get an in-depth, yet digestible review of your applicants with highlighted insights and intelligence-assisted match scores.

Smarter Screening

See SmartAssistant in Action

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How does SmartAssistant work?

Using millions of data points pulled from our applicant tracking system and powerful custom algorithms, SmartAssistant’s AI-powered recommendation service discovers, evaluates, and matches candidates faster and at scale.

If AI learns from past behavior, isn’t it likely to learn bias from users?

The SmartAssistant algorithms do not analyze nor use any personal candidate data (name, age, gender, email address, phone number, or any answers to required diversity questions) when calculating a match score, mitigating potential bias on any of these factors.

In addition, SmartAssistant does not factor in past hiring decisions as feedback into the algorithm, thereby minimizing the reinforcement of any inherent hiring biases.

SmartAssistant also leverages a massive collection of general market data to compare against customer data to offset any existing biases within the customer data.

Is SmartAssistant compliant with GDPR and other user privacy regulations?

Yes, SmartRecruiters appended its privacy policy in April 2018 and added specific language to clarify how candidate data is used.

In which languages is SmartAssistant available?

SmartAssistant’s language capabilities enable it to understand English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Spanish profiles and jobs for matching.

Does the Match Score apply to all applicants? Or, are there any limitations?

Scoring and recommendations require profile data from candidates.


  • Candidates who’ve applied to jobs in the past, or have been added through other sources, as well as internal employees with a profile.


  • Candidates outside of your system access level.
  • Past candidates rejected for principal reasons (e.g. bad culture fit and similar).
  • External candidates (e.g. third-party resume databases).

How much does SmartAssistant Cost?

SmartAssistant is priced at percentage (%) of the core SmartRecruit ATS for unlimited user seats.

Where is SmartAssistant available?

SmartAssistant is available to all SmartRecruiters customers who are looking to discover, screen, and surface top talent at lightspeed

Reach us at to find out more about how SmartAssistant can work for you.

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